About Bridge To Life Ministries

Founder - Mark Carrington

Bridge to Life was founded in 1995 by Mark Carrington, a visionary who felt drawn to fill the needs of the underserved through community lectures. Mark was led to start a radio program in Atlanta Georgia, but personally traveled overseas, assessing spiritual needs and responding to them on an individual basis.

Selwyn Carrington, Endocrinologist, added the medical component to his brother's ministry after Mark's untimely death. Now health and mental health clinics were added, educational lectures widened to include disease prevention and mental health counseling to individuals experiencing major distresses of life. Added also were components of a holistic nature to respond adequately to people's needs.

Advisors cover administrative responsibilities, public relations, fund raising, financial affairs, technology and coordination of the various parts of the program. Nurses and physicians form the core of the organization, while educators, counselors and pastors teach the patrons of the clinics how to improve their physical and spiritual lives. Our next expansion will include teaching the children how to be healthy.

Our Reputation

Since its inception, Bridge To Life has rapidly gained a reputation for providing professional medical and mental health care in all clinical settings. We introduce and provide updated medical equipment to the nursing staff at the clinics, keep medical cabinets stocked and provide free literature for patients using our services.

After our 2-3 week stint, we continue these services, and as requested by served countries, we send back a professional with the specific expertise needed for follow-up care as we are able. All this is done with funds donated by Bridge To Life founders, volunteer workers and partners.

Our Activities

With this holistic philosophy in view, successful campaigns have been undertaken in the United States and various Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman Islands, St. Kitts, Grenada and Dominica. Once a year we respond to a call from a medically underserved country.

A team of physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, educators, counselors, spiritual leaders and other support personnel, participate in these enterprises. We take 2-3 weeks from our busy schedules to run a daily medical clinic with health lectures. Each evening we lecture again on preventive topics that stress the importance of nurturing the spirit in order to better strengthen healthier resolves.

In underserved communities in the United States, we sponsor or participate in weekend health fairs at least once per quarter as well as participate in a Summer Health Lecture Series annually.