Our Mission

This organization is a global non-profit enterprise aimed at encouraging optimal health, in underserved communities. We believe that optimal health is not merely the absence of disease, but a proactive lifestyle in which medical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual factors are harmoniously harnessed for the development of the total man.

Their Needs, Our Responses

  • 90% of children's deaths, occur in medically underserved communities. Therefore their requests for health information to be made available to children, was recently honored.
  • Studies show that when new medicines and other health technologies are made available, healthier behaviors increase. We will continue to do this.
  • Cardiovascular disease has become the new "Hidden Epidemic." These screenings will continue.
  • Obesity, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes and Cancer are predicted to increase to 75% of the health burden in developing countries by 2020. We will continue our aggressive screenings of these disorders.
  • When aggressively promoted, information on the necessity to change one's diet, increase physical activity and decrease tobacco consumption, improves chances of acquiring or improving maintenance of above diseases. We make booklets available.
  • Requests for Literacy Improvement will be filled on an as-needed basis, starting next year.
  • More attention will be paid to training clinical staff in the communities we serve, to continue our legacy.