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Journey To Tomorrow - Selwyn Carrington, M.D.
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In this picturesque Journey to Tomorrow, simple suggestions for survival when life caves in are uncovered. Someone once said a person can survive three weeks without food; three days without water; three minutes without air; but cannot survive three seconds without hope.

Hope is essential to human existence, without it we die. Having experienced a core melt down in life that almost destroyed me, I needed to be inspired and revitalized or face depression and certain death. In my midnight of despair I discovered the A to Z of creating and holding on to an enduring hope and now share these profound, but practical principles.

As the flames of life’s disasters erupt and threaten to extract the oxygen of hope from the tainted atmosphere that engulfs our lives, we can inhale the invigorating air of Hope and receive its life sustaining blessings. Always remember… "tomorrow".

Man Down, Man Up - Walter V. Murray
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You don't have to be a Man Up to help a brother who is Man Down, you don't have to be whole to help a brother who is Broken. You don't have to be perfect to help a Man Down who is struggling with his imperfections.

You just have to be GOD-CONNECTED!

And to be God-Connected you only need to be "brother-connected".

The message of this book is becoming brother-connected to be God-connected. It is about Men helping Men move from Down to Up.

The Black Cheese - Walter V. Murray
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The Black Cheese focuses on the equality of African American economics. The author makes a case that as socio-political equality has progressed, African Americans have regressed economically compared to the national economy.

Drawing from current and relevant statistical information, The Black Cheese paints a picture of the Black economy that is anemic and is poised for disaster.

Murray suggests and supports his position that this regression is for the most part, self-inflicted. However in his book, The Black Cheese, he outlines the cure for this self-inflicted malady. It is a strong medicine that he prescribes and som may avoid that cure because of the pungent taste.

He explores why all america, black, brown, white and all it's diverse hues of humanity will benefit when Black America moves The Black Cheese.